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The Product: TrafficWave provides unlimited email marketing services for one low price. Unlike others that charge you more as your email list grows, TrafficWave will never increase in price. Have unlimited lists with an unlimited number of subscribers. Create opt-in forms or use one of the many pre-made, customizable capture page templates that are included. You can setup an auto-responder to send out an email series or send a broadcast instantly or at a desired time. Includes tracking so you can track your open rates and click-through rates. Truly everything you need in an email service at a super low price!

The Opportunity: TrafficWave offers four ways for you to earn as an affiliate but the main two are the Fast Track Bonus and the residual income.

Email Marketing

1. They offer a 100% Fast Track Bonus on all new active customer sales, paid weekly.

2. The residual income, meaning money every month without any additional work, is unlocked as soon as you have 1 active sale. It works on a 3×10 forced matrix so you will earn monthly commissions on everyone in your organization whether you introduced them to TrafficWave or another member of your organization introduced them. With just 1 sale you'll be able to earn on 3 levels. Once you make sale number 5 you'll unlock 2 more levels and a higher commission on your level 2 and 3 sales. Once you have brought in 10 personally referred active sales, you'll unlock 5 more levels and higher commissions on all levels.

3. They also offer Leadership bonuses, which earns you up to 50% more in bonuses if you have new active sales in the previous and current month.

4. You get 10% commissions when anyone you introduce to TrafficWave purchases one of their “Guaranteed Visitor” packages.

The Cost: 30 Day Free Trial then just $17.95 a month

Email Marketing

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